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The Futhark documentation is divided into several parts. The in-progress book Parallel Programming in Futhark can be read freely online, and is the starting point for learning Futhark. The Futhark User's Guide contains detailed instructions on how to use the compilers, as well as the language reference and instructions on how to install the Futhark compiler.

There is also automatically generated documentation for the Futhark prelude. The prelude library is very small, so in most cases you will want to use external packages.

If there is something you believe should be documented, but is not, you are very welcome to report the omission as a bug on our bug tracker. See the page Get Involved for more information.


The Futhark compiler can generate C or Python code. A bridge allows programs written in other languages to conveniently call this code.


Syntax highlighters that support Futhark