A package can be installed with futhark-pkg add pkgpath version. The version number may be omitted. For more information, see the chapter on package management in the Futhark User's Guide. Click on a version number to obtain documentation for that version.

github.com/athas/distance (docs; )
Distance functions for arbitrary-dimensional spaces.
github.com/athas/fibs (docs; )
Parallel and sequential Fibonacci numbers.
github.com/athas/matte (docs; )
Colour manipulation.
github.com/athas/vector (docs; )
Arbitrary-dimensional vectors; particularly efficient for low static dimensions.
github.com/diku-dk/complex (docs; )
Complex numbers.
github.com/diku-dk/cpprandom (docs; )
C++-inspired random number generation.
github.com/diku-dk/date (docs; )
Simple date handling.
github.com/diku-dk/fft (docs; )
Fast Fourier Transformations.
github.com/diku-dk/linalg (docs; )
Linear algebra operations.
github.com/diku-dk/lmdif (docs; )
Nonlinear parameter calibration.
github.com/diku-dk/pickle (docs; )
Serialisation of Futhark values to byte sequences.
github.com/diku-dk/segmented (docs; )
Irregular segmented operations.
github.com/diku-dk/sobol (docs; )
Sobol numbers; quasi-random multi-dimensional sequences
github.com/diku-dk/sorts (docs; )
Various functions for sorting.
github.com/nqpz/fut0r (docs; )
Image filters and transformations.

See the README file in the futhark-docbot repository for the procedure to add your Futhark package to the list.