A package can be installed with futhark pkg add pkgpath version. The version number may be omitted. For more information, see the chapter on package management in the Futhark User's Guide. Click on a version number to obtain documentation for that version.

github.com/athas/distance (docs; )
Distance functions for arbitrary-dimensional spaces.
github.com/athas/fibs (docs; )
Parallel and sequential Fibonacci numbers.
github.com/athas/matte (docs; )
Colour manipulation.
github.com/athas/vector (docs; )
Arbitrary-dimensional vectors; particularly efficient for low static dimensions.
github.com/diku-dk/complex (docs; )
Complex numbers.
github.com/diku-dk/cpprandom (docs; )
C++-inspired random number generation.
github.com/diku-dk/date (docs; )
Simple date handling.
github.com/diku-dk/fft (docs; )
Fast Fourier Transformations.
github.com/diku-dk/linalg (docs; )
Linear algebra operations.
github.com/diku-dk/lmdif (docs; )
Nonlinear parameter calibration.
github.com/diku-dk/lys (docs; )
Simple interactive GUIs.
github.com/diku-dk/pickle (docs; )
Serialisation of Futhark values to byte sequences.
github.com/diku-dk/segmented (docs; )
Irregular segmented operations.
github.com/diku-dk/sobol (docs; )
Sobol numbers; quasi-random multi-dimensional sequences
github.com/diku-dk/sorts (docs; )
Various functions for sorting.
github.com/diku-dk/sparse (docs; )
Sparse matrix operations.
github.com/diku-dk/statistics (docs; )
Statistics functions.
github.com/nqpz/fut0r (docs; )
Image filters and transformations.

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